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Steel Belt Technology

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Steel belt quality control

Berndorf Belt Technology USA provides high quality steel belts for manufacturers across many industries. Our innovative manufacturing methods provide the ability to adapt our steel belt technology to any customer requirement.

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Proven Steel Belt Technology

Berndorf’s steel belt technology can be customized to meet our customers’ performance requirements. Steel conveyor belts are available in many dimensions, contact us to learn more. We will work with you to develop the ideal steel belt system for your application.

Our steel belt technology includes:

  • Stainless Steel Belts: Stainless steel belts are corrosion resistant and provide excellent surface quality. A Berndorf stainless steel belt system is common equipment in the chemical, food, rubber, plastic, wood, and laminate industries.
  • Carbon Steel Belts: Carbon steel belts are energy efficient and ideal for applications necessitating radiant heating of products. Heat can be evenly distributed along even the longest production lines. Carbon steel belt technology is used primarily in food processing, transport and bake ovens.=
  • Textured Steel Belts: Textured steel belts provide manufacturers with a reliable and repeatable texture transfer system. Conveyor belt construction ensures that the product will not stick to the belt. Textured steel belt systems are used primarily in the laminate industry.

Berndorf Steel Belts Engineered to Your Needs

Our high-precision machine components can be used to create a single belt or double belt system, offering unparalleled flexibility and dependability on the manufacturing line. Berndorf steel belt technology is engineered to withstand permanent stresses, like bending, heating, and cooling, which can lead to conveyor belt fatigue.

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