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Steel conveyor belt

Berndorf Steel Belt Automated Conveyor Systems

The conveyor belt systems provided by Berndorf Belt Technology USA provide more than just endless steel conveyor belts. Our automated conveyor systems are complete processing and conveying systems. Berndorf’s steel conveyor belts are engineered to meet our customers’ unique processing requirements. Our automated conveyor systems will withstand the stresses that continued heating, cooling, drying, freezing, casting, and pressing applications apply to the steel conveyor belts.

Automated Conveyor Systems

  • Single Belt Systems – Berndorf’s single steel conveyor belt systems solutions are designed to produce products in the form of pastilles, flakes, strips, or sheets. If the process or concern involves freezing, cooling, pressing, drying, heating, or food safety then Berndorf’s single belt systems is your answer.
  • Double Belt Systems - Berndorf manufactures double belt steel conveyor belts for the simultaneous processing of the top and bottom of a product. Numerous applications can benefit from a double belt conveyor, including chemical, rubber, laminate, or composite material processing operations. For maximum flexibility, the gap between belts is fully adjustable, from 1/8” on up.
  • Complete Turn-Key Plants - Berndorf can manufacture everything from basic modular conveyors via double belt presses to complete turnkey solutions. No matter what your industry or application, we can provide the perfect steel belt conveyor system for your needs.
  • Tracking Devices - Berndorf offers both manual and automated tracking systems for improved production efficiency and automated conveyor system longevity. Our engineering team will work with you to determine the most appropriate conveyor belt tracking device for your system.
  • Bernmatic® Tracking System - The Bernmatic® tracking system is a technologically advanced solution to maintain belt precision. Conveyor belt tracking is achieved by horizontal adjustment of the deflection drum. At the same time, belt tension is maintained via the exact positioning of the deflection drums.
  • Casting Conveyors – Casting conveyor systems are used to manufacture optical films, foils, acrylic sheets, formed fiberglass, and other cast products.

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