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Berndorf Belt Technology USA

Berndorf Belt Technology USA was established to provide North American customers of Berndorf Band GmbH with greater access to steel belts, steel belt systems and service.

Over the decades Berndorf Belt Technology USA has developed a reputation for commitment to quality and customer service. Berndorf USA steel belts are manufactured by Berndorf Band GmbH in Austria and meet all international quality standards. Coupled with our commitment to quality is our commitment to provide leading edge steel belt technology and service. Berndorf USA has in-house, Berndorf trained and certified service technicians providing high quality, timely service 24/7/365.

Berndorf steel belts and steel belt systems are preferred worldwide in various industry segments including food, chemical and wood. The history of Berndorf, both in Austria and the USA, is a journey that we are proud to be a part of.