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Continuous conveyor belt

Tradition & Innovation! Berndorf Works with Wood Panel and Laminate Industries.

To serve the needs of both the wood panel and laminate industries, Berndorf Belt Technology USA offers a series of steel conveyor belts and steel belt systems that are both innovative and reliable.  Our sophisticated production methods enable us to provide our clients with conveyor belts and conveyor belt presses that meet the ever-evolving developments and production methods within the industries.

As the international specialist in continuous conveyors for the wood and laminate industries, Berndorf is the only company capable of manufacturing 3.5mm thick steel belts suitable for use in double belt systems producing OSB and ultra-thin MDF / HDF boards. The new 3.5mm belts have greater thermal capacities and enhanced resistance to deformation.  Running properties are also improved.  Our other belts, ranging from 1.2mm to 3mm thick, are also on the leading edge of technology

Berndorf steel belts for panel manufacturing ensure continuous reliability

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Belt Material

Belt Characteristics

Construction &
furniture panels
Pressing CARBO 13
NICRO 52.6
NICRO 62.5
Axial straightness
Uniform thickness

Berndorf’schemical processing conveyors are available with a variety of customizable discharge options to meet your unique needs. Specialized discharge devices are installed directly into the conveyor system. Contact us to discuss your custom requirements.

Features/Benefits of Berndorf Belts

Produced in endless condition between two drums
This endless production method ensures belt straightness, flatness and precise tracking, resulting in less downtime and longer belt life
Optimal running properties, high thermal capacity and high resistance to deformation
Ensures high product quality
Installation and maintenance provided by certified, Berndorf employed Service Technicians
You receive high quality workmanship resulting in less downtime and increased profitability