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Berndorf Belt Technology USA provides complete sulphur solidification and handling systems. Everything from granulators to full turnkey solutions backed by our Continuous Reliability. Turnkey projects include everything from liquid sulphur pumps to storage tanks and product packaging.

Special Features of Berndorf Chemical Processing Conveyor Belt Systems

Feeding Device: AccuDrop® Pastillator

Developed by our partner Steel Belt Systems, the AccuDrop pastillator feeding devices on our chemical processing conveyors are built for simple, worry-free operation. The liquid product is fed inside a static heated body and automatically distributed through a rotating, multi-perforated shell. As it passes through the perforated shell, the liquid product forms into small, consistent drops which are deposited onto the cooled steel belt via centrifugal and gravitational forces. The drops of liquid then solidify into pastilles form.

  • No need for “re-feeding” to clean the shell
  • Thicker pastilles for high production rates
  • Minimizes product buildup on the shell for cleaner operation
  • Provides versatility for use with all types of medium- and low-viscosity products
  • Rotational speed is synchronized with the speed of the cooling belt to ensure consistent and well-formed pastilles

Feeding Device: RollDrop® Pastillator

The RollDrop pastillator feeding device feeds liquid product at a controlled temperature onto a roller rotor, the rim of which features specially designed “teeth”. The liquid product flows consistently through spaces in the teeth pattern; the resulting drops gather on the back of each tooth. Centrifugal force and gravity cause the drops to fall onto the cooled steel belt, where they instantly solidify into pastilles.

  • Suitable for steel belt systems up to 78-3/4” (2,000mm) wide
  • Open construction for easy cleaning and maintenance
  • Minimal product retention time on heated area avoids product degradation
  • Versatile enough to accommodate any medium- or low-viscosity liquid product
  • Tooth dimensions regulate pastille size
  • Rotational speed of RollDrop pastillator is synchronized with the speed of the cooling belt to ensure consistent and well-formed pastilles

Feeding Device: Weir Feeder

The Weir feeder device is designed for feeding a continuous layer of any liquid product that is not affected by the contact with air. We offer Weir feeders in sizes to accommodate all belt widths, and can be retrofit to older systems.

The AccuDrop® assures high production rates and consistent product quality with minimal maintenance.

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