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Food processing conveyor belt system

Food Processing Conveyors

Reliable, Hygienic & Easy to Clean Food Grade Conveyor Belt Systems 

Food processing conveyor belts face must withstand a variety of unique and extreme stresses, from high-heat baking and drying conveyor systems to steam applications to cooling and freezing conveyor belts. Food grade conveyor belt systems must handle these and other stresses repeatedly and often continuously, without sacrificing efficiency or product quality.

Stainless steel and carbon steel food grade conveyor belt systems from Berndorf Belt Technology USA, designed in partnership with our partner companies and are specially engineered to resist production stresses and provide unparalleled conveyor belt flatness and straightness.

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Benefits of Berndorf Food Grade Conveyor Belt Systems

Belts are manufactured in “endless” condition between two drums. This ensures belt straightness and flatness, as well as precise tracking, and results in less downtime and longer belt life.

For baking applications, belts feature a dark, uniform heat-absorbent surface area. This improves product quality and increases energy efficiency.

Belts are designed and manufactured for superior flatness, which results in improved product quality and reduced scrap/waste.

Installation and maintenance by certified Berndorf Service Technicians are available to guarantee top quality workmanship, reduce your downtime, and increase your profitability.

Applications Key products Process Belt Material Belt Characteristics
Food Meat
Meat products
Fish products
Dairy products
Vegetables Fruits
Deep freezing
NICRO 12.1
Easy to clean
Perfect adhesion of vee-ropes
Food Pet food Steaming NICRO 12.1
Easy to clean
Corrosion resistance
Baking CARBO 13 Uniform dark surface
Optimal energy-efficiency
Semi luxuries Confectionary
Coffee powder
Chocolate powder
Tobacco sheets
NICRO 12.1
Easy to clean
Straight tracking
Perfect adhesion of vee-ropes
Good weld-ability

Special Features of Berndorf Food Processing Conveyor Belts

Berndorf’s freezing conveyor belts, cooling conveyor belts, baking and drying conveyor belts, and other food grade conveyor belt systems are designed with special attention to key components, such as tension terminals and belt tracking devices. This makes our machines especially well-suited to the severe working conditions they encounter, including temperatures from -76° to 212°F (-60° to 100°C) and constant, 24/7 production.

Steel Belt Freezing Conveyor

Our freezing conveyor belts feature advanced cooling systems to provide fast and efficient product cooling. The steel belt itself provides the platform on which products are frozen, while the specially engineered freezing plant produces the low temperatures required. Our continuous steel belt freezing conveyor systems are used in the production of coffee, diced/dried fruit, candy bars, chewing gum, sauces, meats, cheeses, and many other products.

We offer two freezing systems, air, and fluid. In our air freezer systems, the steel belt machine is installed inside a tunnel enclosure, where loop circulation of -22° to -58°F (-30° to -50°C) air blasts the product to freezing temperatures while it is conveyed along the moving steel belt.

In our fluid-cooled freezing conveyor systems, the inferior side (bottom track) of the belt is sprayed with a low-temperature (14° to -4°F; -10° to -20°C) thermal solution. This lowers the belt’s temperature enough that product freezes on contact.

Cooling Conveyor Belts for Chocolate

When used in chocolate production, Berndorf’s food grade conveyor belt systems are typically contained in a special tunnel enclosure that maintains the ideal temperature for cooling chocolates into their solid form.

Product is distributed onto the steel belt surface at one end of the conveyor (feed end) and travels the length of the conveyor. As it travels along the conveyor, the product cools, and as it becomes fully cooled, it falls onto a separate transfer conveyor located below. Product scrapers ensure proper product transfer between belts. Belt speed is adjustable to accommodate the ideal retention time needed for the product to fully cool on the chilled steel belt.

Food Cooling and Freezing Conveyors 

Example of supply

Technical characteristics:
Berndorf carbon steel belt (Carbo 13 type), mill finished, endless welded, thickness 1,0 mm ± 0,1 mm, width 1.500 mm ± 1 mm
Conveyorcentre-centre distance 33.2 meter
Cooling length 30.5 meter
Cooling width 1.4 meter
Belt speed 3 - 30 meters per minute
Belt height 1.8 meter
Performance Data:
Capacity Based on product
Product inlet temperature 54°C
Product discharge temperature 18°C
Belt cooling medium Chiller air
Chiller air inlet temperature 7°C

Double Belt Cooling Conveyor Belts for Gum Base

Our double belt cooling conveyors are essentially comprised of one food grade cooling conveyor system, flipped upside-down and stacked on another, normally-aligned cooling conveyor. While the bottom belt holds the product’s film in place to be cooled down, the top belt lays on the product’s film and cools its top face.

Double cooling conveyor belts are especially useful in applications where:

  • the product tends to curl or rise during the cooling process, thus losing contact with the cooling surface
  • the product is a poor heat conductor and/or must be fed through at high thickness
  • the available floor space is not sufficient to install a longer, single-belt system

Food Cooling and freezing Conveyors

Example of supplying

Technical characteristics:

Berndorf stainless steel belt NICRO 12.1, mill finished, endless welded, thickness 0,8 mm ± 0,1 mm, width 600 mm ± 1 mm

Conveyorcentre-centre distance Top Belt= 7.150 mm Bottom Belt= 7.150 mm
Cooling length Top Belt= 6.000 mm Bottom Belt= 6.000 mm
Cooling width 500 mm
Belt speed Special casting system
Belt feeding height 1.100 mm
Destination of cooled film  Cutting+ wrapping system

Performance Data:

Capacity 750 – 1.200 Kg/h
Product inlet temperature 90°C
Product discharge 25°C
Belt cooling medium Water sprayed beneath the bottom steel belt+ above the top steel belt
Cooling length Top belt= 6.000 mm Bottom belt= 6.000 mm
Water consumption 20 m3/h
Water pressure 3 bar
Water inlet temperature 4°C
Water outlet temperature 5,5°C

Single Cooling Conveyor Belts for Nougat

These Berndorf single belt cooling conveyors can be used for a wide range of food products. The system’s feeder is selected in respect to the characteristics of the product being processed in order to achieve the proper thickness and consistent distribution across the conveyor belts full width. Downstream, a variety of equipment can be installed to break, cut, pile, and/or wrap the product.

Our cooling conveyor belts are manufactured using only food grade components and raw materials.

Single Cooling Conveyor

Example of supply

Technical characteristics:  
Berndorf stainless steel belt NICRO 31, mill finished, endless welded, thickness1,0 mm ± 0,1 mm, width 800mm ± 1 mm 
Conveyorcentre-centre distance  6.800 mm 
Cooling length  5.800 mm
Cooling width  Two strip seach of 300 mm width
Releasing medium spreading device  One oil dripping system+ one driven spreading brushed system
Feeding device  Special casting system
Mass turning and pressing devices  One set of nylon turning plows+ 1 driven aluminium roll
Cooled Mass destination  Continuous moulding systems + air cooled hardening tunnel
Belt speed  1.5 –4.0 m/min
Belt feeding height  1.100 mm
Belt cleaning device  One driven brush washing system+ washing water spraying system+ rinsing water spraying system
 Performance Data: 
Capacity  1.000 Kg/h
 Product inlet temeprature  75°C 
 Product discharge  35°C
 Belt cooling medium  Water sprayed beneath the steel belt
 Cooling length  5.800 mm
 Water consumption  10 m3/h
 Water pressure  3 bar
 Water inlet temperature  12°C
 Water outlet temperature  14.5°C

Specialty Conveyor Belts for Meat Handling & Pet Food Processing

Because of the extremely high levels of cleanliness required, stainless steel conveyor belts are essential for meat handling and pet food processing. Frequent cleaning and sterilization are required to remove the bacteria, blood, and other potential pathogens encountered in these applications. Studies have shown that stainless steel conveyor belts are easier to clean, and get cleaner overall, than plastic or other belt materials; this is especially true of belts that exhibit wear and tear from daily operations.

Berndorf uses food grade components and materials to help you meet industry standards for cleanliness and to make cleaning and sterilization fast and easy. Our stainless conveyor systems are durable and dependable. The belts won’t be damaged by cutting operations, and the entire system is designed to stand up to repeated deep cleaning and the day-to-day rigors of meat and pet food processing applications. 


Customizable Food Grade Conveyor Belt System & Specialty Features


Berndorf’s food grade conveyor belt systems are highly customizable to meet the unique requirements of your food processing application. Numerous specialized components can be installed directly into your conveyor system. Contact us to discuss your custom requirements.

Features/Benefits of Berndorf Food Processing Belts

Produced in endless condition between two drums
This endless production method ensures belt straightness, flatness and precise tracking, resulting in less downtime and longer belt life
Dark, uniform heat absorbent surface area
Ensures high product quality and energy efficiency
Superior flatness
Leads to improved product quality and less scrap
Installation and maintenance provided by certified, Berndorf employed Service Technicians
You receive high quality workmanship resulting in less downtime and increased profitability