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From Liquid to Solid Drop Forming with AccuDrop!

From the steel belt to the steel belt system, Berndorf Belt Technology USA has high performance solutions for today’s chemical processing applications.

As the leading supplier of cooling conveyor belts, drying conveyor belts, paint and powder coating conveyor systems, and other stainless steel applications for chemical processing, we focus on delivering high quality, customized solutions. Berndorf belts are known for high dynamic strength, flatness, and precise tracking. And, with their high corrosion resistance, Berndorf belts are the ideal choice for demanding, continuous chemical processes.

Feeding and discharge devices, including the AccuDrop® and Rolldrop® pastillators (see below), complement our steel belts and steel belt systems, making Berndorf your complete chemical belt solutions provider.

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Benefits of Berndorf Chemical Conveyor Systems 

Belts are produced in “endless” condition between two drums. This ensures belt straightness, flatness, and precise tracking, while minimizing downtime and extending belt life.

Belts provide a flat and uniformly thick surface area to ensure consistently high product quality.

Manufacturer of steel belt systems for continuous industrial processes.

Installation and maintenance are available from certified Berndorf Service Technicians to guarantee top quality workmanship with less downtime and increased profitability.

Special Features of Berndorf Chemical Processing Conveyor Belt Systems 

Feeding Device: AccuDrop® Pastillator

Developed by our partner Steel Belt Systems, the AccuDrop pastillator feeding devices on our chemical processing conveyors are built for simple, worry-free operation. Liquid product is fed inside a static heated body and automatically distributed through a rotating, multi-perforated shell. As it passes through the perforated shell, the liquid product forms into small, consistent drops which are deposited onto the cooled steel belt via centrifugal and gravitational forces. The drops of liquid then solidify into pastilles form.

  • No need for “re-feeding” to clean the shell
  • Thicker pastilles for high production rates
  • Minimizes product buildup on the shell for cleaner operation
  • Provides versatility for use with all types of medium- and low-viscosity products
  • Rotational speed is synchronized with the speed of the cooling belt to ensure consistent and well-formed pastilles

Its versatility makes it applicable in a variety of industries, especially chemical, sulphur, and food processing. The AccuDrop® also reduces the dust created in production lines, especially those found in the chemical and sulphur industries. Reduced dust contributes to both extended life of the steel belt system and the quality of the final product. The AccuDrop® assures high production rates and consistent product quality with minimal maintenance.

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