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Casting Conveyors & Equipment

Manufacturers of optical films, foils, acrylic sheets, formed fiberglass, and other cast products rely on Berndorf, the world’s foremost producer of casting conveyor systems. Our dedication to continuous product improvement and innovation makes our casting belt systems the best on the market. The Berndorf team will work with you to develop a complete casting solution that delivers the performance your casting application needs.

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Specialized Casting Belts for Any Application

The specific requirements for precision cast products require specialty surfaces and superior engineering. Berndorf can provide the optimal belt surface for your product, with unique finishes available for acrylic glass, optical or ceramic films, filter membranes, and other products.

Each and every Berndorf belt is manufactured to the customer’s exact specifications. We put our experience, expertise, and innovative production methods into every casting belt we produce, giving our customers the highest quality and best performing solutions for their unique application. All customers are welcome to inspect their belts prior to delivery to ensure all their needs are met.

Feature & Benefits of Berndorf Belt Casting Belts

  • Uniform distribution of temperature over the entire width and length of the film caster during manufacturing results in a high quality product with consistent thickness and optical properties throughout.
  • Casting area can be widened using longitudinal welding seams to provide higher output and reduced costs.
  • Our Bernmatic® belt tensioning and tracking systems, when paired with our unique drive system, provide vibration-free belt control and longer belt life, and enables optimal use of the entire casting width.
  • For belts for high quality films and similar cast products, vacuum-melted steel (VAR) is used.
  • Our belts are manufactured on sophisticated production lines using the most advanced technology in the industry.
  • Every belt is run in endless condition during production to guarantee ideal running characteristics and optimal flatness.
  • Berndorf casting conveyor belts are engineered to withstand permanent dynamic stresses caused by continuous bending, stretching, heating, and cooling over extended periods of time.


Quality & Dependability from Berndorf

As the world’s foremost manufacturer of endless steel belts and steel belt systems for continuous production processes, Berndorf Belt has built a reputation for the quality and dependability of our products.

The quality of Berndorf belts is evident in every detail, from the mechanical and physical properties of our conveyor belts to their geometrical parameters. The dependability of our endless steel belts is based upon tradition and innovation. Together, these factors result in better quality for your end products, improved machine performance, and an extended lifespan for your system’s steel belt(s).

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Applications Key Products Process Belt Material Belt Characteristics
Polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA)
Polyimide (PI)
TAC/TFT films
Coatings for sunglasses
Aircraft accumulators
Cable insulation
Membranes for filtration
Casting   Smooth surface
Perfect adhesion of vee-ropes
Corrosion resistance

Features/Benefits of Berndorf Casting Belts

Production precision, uniform distribution of temperature over the entire width and length of the belt
High quality finished product with consistent thickness for use in high-tech applications
Large width production, casting area can be extended using longitudinal welding seams
Higher output and reduced costs
Reduced energy consumption
Reduced costs and environmentally friendly
bernmatic® Belt Tensioning and Tracking System
Vibration free belt control, optimal use of the entire casting width and longer belt life
Rapid, dirt-free belt change-overs
Reduced downtime resulting in increased efficiencies