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Steel Belts For Automotive Testing

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Automotive Tire Testing

Experienced Automotive Testing When It Comes To Steel Belt Technology

Berndorf is the steel belt technology leader for automotive testing applications. Berndorf can produce wide belts for flat-track test stands in wind tunnels and heavily loaded wheel drive belts.

Steel belts for automotive testing applications are available in lengths of 1.5 meters plus, 200mm wide and 0.3mm thick. Today, 20 meter lengths, 3 meter widths and 1.0 millimeter thicknesses are common. Berndorf has even provided an automotive belt with a longitudinal weld to achieve widths over 1,500mm. Our special manufacturing methods ensure our automotive testing belts will withstand practical applications.

Features/Benefits of Berndorf Automotive Testing Belts

Nicro 52.6 – high end material

High belt speed, short belt lengths and compact configurations

Uniform flatness and straightness

Precise running and maximum operating safety

Small deflection drum diameters

High level of tension and high dynamic loading

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